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Mobile Sports Massage In NJ
Image: "Dancer In Preparation" Image Credit: Gwynydd Michael © 2007

Sports Massage

NJ Sports Massage Therapy Available At Your Athletic Training Center or Gym, Home or Hotel Room

Working Out With Dumbells At Diamond Gym In Maplewood   The Leg Press Machine Builds Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, and Adductors, and Rounds Out The Bodybuilding Workout    Dumbell Bench Press At Diamond Gym

On-Site Sport Massage For Athletes At Home, the Training Center, or a Competition Venue

Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy's skilled, hand-selected Sport Massage therapists travel to where ever you are, to provide unparallelled sessions of Therapeutic Massage for you or your team members. We have therapists on-staff who have experience working with professional athletes and teams.

Mark Loads Up The Machine With His Preferred Amount Of Weight For The Next Phase Of His Workout   The Crossover Pulley Machine Works The Core, Which Many Other Machines May Miss    Mark Flexes His Upper Body To Show What Weight Lifting Can Do For Your Appearance

We also have CPMT (Certified Pediatric Massage Therapists) who are trained to provide Therapeutic Massage to children and child-athletes. The rigors of youth sports, gynastics, and dance are no less demanding than what many pro athletes undergo.

And, while assisted-stretching has always been a component of well-rounded Sports Massage, there is a societal focus on getting "stretched out" right now. We do offer sessions exclusively helping the patient utilizing stretgch therapy only, but we also offer integrated sessions of Sports Masage and Stretch Therapy at no added cost.

Concentrating On Keeping Her Balance, Krystelle Stretches In The Gazebo At The Bayonne Park   Krystelle Does A Cartwheel In The Bayonne Park Gazebo   Krystelle Getting Ready For Her Workout At The Bayonne Park    Krystelle Is Having Her Morning Jog On The Bayonne Park Boardwalk

Krystelle Stretches On The Gazebo At The Park In Bayonne

Sports Massage: A Start with Olympians and Top Sports Clinics

Therapeutic Sports Massage is considered a vital component of a well-rounded athletic training regimen, and has been utilized in such settings as Olympic training programs, sports medicine clinics, and professional sports franchises for decades. No matter what sport you engage in, or the level you're competing at, Sports Massage can help you as an athlete. Whether you're a martial artist, competitive bodybuilder, a swimmer, gymnast, dancer, ice skater, marathon runner, or participant in any team sport, the benefits are many, and quite real.

In-Home Sports Massage is a proven means of keeping athletes in top condition, regardless of which sport they play. Although Massage Therapy sessions are intrinsically relaxing, it is actually the somatic benefits that have attracted so many professional athletes and sports teams to use sports massage as part of their training routine.

Jolene Looks Pensively At The Sky Leaning Against The Beautiful Cliff Face After A Hard Workout   Jolene Planks At Nyack Beach Park In Front Of The Beautiful Vista Of The Manhattan Skyline   Relaxing After a Late Morning Jog In the Park.

Research Proves Sports Massage is Effective and Worthwhile as a Treatment Modality

There's more to Massage Therapy than relaxing. Voluminious research studies show that Therapeutic Massage has numerous health benefits. While such studies have only begun in recent decades as interest in science-based results behind bodywork modalities (such as Sports Massage) grew, sports franchises have taken notice, gleaning from anecdotal evidence and observation, the simple truth that Massage can help athletes with all aspects of training, from preparation, to pre-competition, to post-competition, to assisting with recovery from unforeseen injury. .

Stretching Before A Workout In The Park   Stretching, Yoga, and Massage Therapy keep injuries at bay.   Relaxing After a Late Morning Jog In the Park.

Stretching, Yoga, and Massage Therapy keep workout injuries at bay.

Regularly scheduled Therapeutic Sports Massage sessions help to reduce injury risk, as the muscles, tendons, and fascia are all less tight, more flexible and able to stretch, after Therapeutic Massage. The results are increased range of motion, more strength, and higher levels of endurance. Recovery time between workouts is decreased, as Massage flushes metabolic wastes that normally build up during workout sessions.

Krystelle Stretching At The Park In Bayonne Krystelle Practices The Triangle Pose, Known As Trikonasana, To Stretch Her Low Back, Shoulders, and Hamstrings   Push Ups On The Bayonne Park Boardwalk With Krystelle    Krystelle Walking On The Boardwalk At The Bayonne Park

Injury Recovery and Therapeutic Massage

Of course, sometimes injuries happen, even with our best of efforts. With that said, our Mobile Sports Massage Therapists can help with your swift and complete recovery, under the supervision and approval of your physician. Whether it's a torn ACL, a sprained ankle, or a more complex injury, Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy's team of highly skilled somatic technicians™ have the experience, and schooling, to actually make a difference. .

The carefully chosen therapists at Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy utilize a diverse blend of massage modalities and techniques, each session customized to the specific needs of the individual client. While many therapists, spas and mobile services make this claim, we actually deliver. (For more information on massage styles employed, click the ‘Modalities Offered' button at top)

Stretching and Yoga and Sports Massage. A vital foundation.   Stretch Out, Breathe Deeply, and Utilize the Services of Sports Massage.   Stretch. Go for Sports Massage sessions. Eat a sports-centric diet. Success.

Stretching. Sports Massage. An athlete's diet. Success..

Recovery time from strain and trauma is decreased by Sports Massage sessions, while athletes benefit from having their flexibility increased. Of course, the relaxation factor is significant as well; after a hard workout, tight and overworked muscles need to relax in order to keep muscles from remaining in an hypertonic condition, which would eventually result in soreness and spasm.

Christy Jogging In The Park As Part Of Her Exercise Routine    Overworked Triceps And Teres Major Muscles Can Benefit From Sports Massage   Strained Muscles From Excessive Stretching Can Be Helped By In Home Sports Massage    Krystelle Walking On The Boardwalk At The Bayonne Park

Pediatric Sports Massage Training

Kids today study hard, and play harder. We have Pediatric Sports Massage Therapists on-staff, trained by Liddle Kids Foundation at New jersey hospitals. Our Pediatric Therapists are carefully chosen, screened, and we can guarantee that they are caring, competent, background-checked and safe to work with kids, and have the patience to work with younger patients.

We've worked with dancers, swimmers, gymnasts, softball players, soccer enthusiasts, runners and track team members, golfers, junior tackle football league members, polo players, equestrian horse lovers, and probably more. Each physical activity has its own muscles, tendons, and ligaments it affects, as well as unique stressors. (striking out at bat, having to break a record for goals, etc.) We aim to tailor a program of massage and stretching, to help with what needs help.

Child-Athletes Benefit from Yoga and Stretching, Pediatric Sports Massage, and a Healthy Diet.

Girl Stretching as part of a health routine.   Kids Yoga annd Sports Massage Are Great For Gymnasts.   Kids Yoga, Pediatric Massage, and Eating Well Help Kids Feel Their Best.

Stretching Before A Run Can Help Warm Up Your Body To Prevent Injury    Stretching Out At The Beginning Of A Workout And Having In Home Sports Massage Are The Number One Way To Prevent Injury   Stretching The Quads Helps Warm Up Your Legs Before A Workout    In Home Sports Massage, Stretching, And Yoga Go Well Together

4-Hand Sports Massage is also offered. This is also performed on-site. Two therapists simultaneously work on each athlete. This service is also offered in-home, at your training facility, or at an event.

Two highly skilled, experienced Massage Therapists work on each athlete simultaneously. Four hands working at once! We were the first to begin offering On-Site 4-Hand Massage in New Jersey, way back in 2005.

Our therapists are experienced with sports training, and have the education and practical knowledge that will help make the difference for you. Our therapists work together as a team to help your team train.

Yoga Poses Can Be Beneficial For Pain, Flexibility, Anxiety, and Overall Health    Sports Massage Can Help Relieve The Pain Caused By Workouts That Are Too Strenuous   Christy Starts Her Workout With A Gentle Jog    In Home Sports Massage And Pre-Workout Stretching Can Help Prevent Injury






Please click on the '@ Contact Us' button at bottom-left to access our inquiry form, or use the button at the top of this page. Feel free to also call us at 877 480 8038 for more information or to book an appointment.

Cash, PayPal, CashApp, GooglePay, Credit Cards, and Gift Certificates accepted. Insurance plans accepted: County / Municipal Health Care Plans (NJ), Independent Health Flex Fit, Preferred Care, No-Fault with Authorization

Note: We offer *strictly* therapeutic massage therapy. We do *NOT* offer as€nsual u'massage', in any form.


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